Best Computer Brands to Buy Today

Best Computer Brands to Buy Today

There are many excellent computer brands that you can purchase today, and names like Apple, Dell, and Lenovo dominate the market and flood your TV with commercials. However, when it comes down to it, which is the best computer brand to buy today? Which brands have consistently made improvements to their machines in the last few years, and which have failed to meet consumer demands? In order to help you know which computers to buy for use in your home, here is a list of the top computer brands for you:

In First Place Apple

Apple has long been renowned for being at the cutting edge of technology, and their laptops and workstations are some of the best on the market. The Macbook Air is a slim piece of hardware that weighs less than a paperweight, and you will find that there are few computers that can match the reliability of the regular Macbook. Thanks to the unique OS, software, and hardware unique to Apple computers, you are able to get the best of the best. The main downside to Apple is that the prices are quite high, and you can end up spending easily over $1,000 to get a good computer.

In Second Place HP

While it may surprise people that Hewlett Packard takes a high place on any ranking list, you will find that the HP computers are perfectly functional while being economical. While the computers are nowhere near as cheap as an Acer or Lenovo computer, they are much higher quality than their cheaper counterparts. Still, they come nowhere near as expensive as a Dell, and they have far fewer running problems. The main downside to HP: the pesky HP software that is designed to help you but ends up driving you crazy.

In Third Place Dell

For those who are looking for a reliable computer with none of the frills and bells that Apple offers but a guarantee of quality HP cannot match, Dell is the one to go to. While Dell has had trouble in recent years with some of its hardware, the Alienware computers sold by Dell have been reliable in their quality. They are more expensive than HP without the reliability of Apple, but they still deserve a high ranking for the fact that they are damn good computers.

In Fourth Place Acer

If you are looking forĀ  lightweight computer brands that will be functional for your children or college students, Acer is the go-to computer. Acer comes in at roughly quarter the price of an HP, but with less reliability for those who run CPU-intense programs. Still, for checking mail and surfing the internet with ease, Acer computers are some of the cheapest of the reliable models. The main downside to Acer is that their screens tend to be flimsy, so don’t be surprised when your screen starts to wobble within a few months of using the computer.

In Fifth Place Toshiba

Toshiba has been having problems with their computers, particularly their laptops are heating up too quickly, but they are still one of the brands of computers with reliable hardware. The computer comes relatively free of junk software, and you will find that Toshiba computers make some of the best gaming laptops. They have some of the best speakers of any laptop currently available on the market, and their battery life is considered one of the best of the laptops. The only downside is that they are a bit costlier than HP computers, and they are not quite as reliable as their HP counterparts.