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Desktop Gaming Motherboard: What Features You Need to Consider

desktop gaming motherboard

The desktop gaming motherboard characterizes the gaming computer’s framework. It also determines the computer’s speed, limit and other imperative capacities essential for a fully functional unit. In utilizing the computer for gaming purposes, it is vital to consider the capacities exhibited in a desktop gaming motherboard and decide whether it can handle concentrated gaming applications. […]

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Gaming Laptops – Things You Must Consider Before Buying

Gaming Laptop

Gaming laptops have improved in quality in recent times. Since the advent of the computer, there was always the need to offer more powerful and portable systems for consumers. The desktop computer ruled the business and gaming world for a long time. However with continued development of computer technology, laptops and various mobile devices including […]

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Solid State Drives: A Beginner’s Guide

solid state drive

Solid State Drives, or SSD drives are quickly becoming the go-to storage solution in laptops and desktop computers due to their lightning-fast performance and lower costs than that of conventional hard drives. Solid state is the storage technology of the future, and it’s only a matter of time before they replace your regular hard drive. […]

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Basic PC Training Manual – What You Need to Know That Didn’t Come With Your Computer


This is your basic PC training manual. If your computer came installed with Windows 7, rejoice! Getting started will be relatively simple. In no time you’ll be surfing the Internet, printing documents, posting on Facebook and using your favorite programs. Windows 7 is pretty intuitive, especially if you’ve used any Windows operating system in the […]

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MacBook Pro: High Performance at a Price

macbook pro

MacBook Pro: High Performance at a Price By George Rosenthal Innovation has always been a hallmark at Apple. The new MacBook Pro is no different. Available soon, Mac fans will find the device has many new features and improvements that should keep this laptop in high demand for both personal and business use. Start with […]

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