Desktop PC – The Benefits of Owning a Desktop Computer

Desktop PC – The Benefits of Owning a Desktop Computer

In recent years the idea of owning a desktop computer has been somewhat overshadowed by the emergence in popularity of laptops and netbooks.

Noted for their sleekness, portability and easy accessibility, laptops may have zoomed ahead of desktop computers in the popularity stakes; but there are still many good reasons for why having a desktop PC might be of benefit.

Desktop computers are bulkier, which might not on first inspection seem like much of a positive. But it is in fact because of this (coupled with being set up in a secure area) that they are at much less risk of being stolen. For those who might not have much space to operate a desktop computer in, there are smaller desktop set-ups that take will take up considerably less space.

A lower risk of theft could, for example be beneficial for someone in a profession dealing with sensitive material, whereas owning and storing this kind of information on a laptop could pose more of a risk.

Desktop computers are also easy to get repaired when they break. Parts can be fixed or replaced for a reasonably cheap rate from a local computer repair store.

Depending on the type of desktop computer that is being run, there is potential for a large amount of upgrading to be carried out. Graphics and sound cards, Random Access Memory modules and Hard Disk storage drives are widely available and are easy to install.

Whereas on a laptop or netbook computer this is limited due to hardware constraints and usually comes at a much higher price.

Families may be well advised in having a desktop computer, its use is catered more towards general use which suits everyone; from beginners to experts. The best desktop pcs with the most optimum hardware set-up are suited to deal with gaming and interactive programs than say, a laptop. This is another reason for why it might be more beneficial for gamers and families especially to consider desktop over laptop.

With a desktop setup traditionally being sat in a stationary position it also makes it easier for parents to monitor what their children are accessing over the internet.

High end video-editing and media management software often require a high level of RAM (Random Access Memory to operate at an optimum level – an amount that only a desktop computer can really offer. So for those working with various platforms of media it may be necessary to own a desktop computer.

The desktop computer set up has individual peripheral appliances (i.e. monitor, keyboard, webcam etc.), if one of these appliances was to be break ultimately it would be very easy to replace. If this kind of problem was to be encountered when owning a laptop or netbook, the chances are the whole thing would have to be sent off to a specialist for a lengthy and an ultimately costly repair.

These are just a few reasons – There are many others as to why the desktop pc provides a benefit, but the definitive decision is one that really lies with the user.