Laptops for Kids

Laptops for kids should be different than other laptops. After all, the best laptops that meet the requirements of children may not be altogether the same as those that aim more at adults. This is because the qualities you need will be different, as the aim of each is often different. Here are a few reasons to get laptops for kids specifically.

Adult Material

It’s becoming a cliché these days that the Internet is full of adult material. The best laptops aimed at children will be those that can deal with this problem the best. Laptops that come with good software for keeping back adult material from children, or even those that have good built-in controls, for example. An illustration of this principle is the Internet Explorer Options that make sure that porn sites and the like are blocked out automatically if you set the parental controls high enough.


It’s easy for kids to get frustrated when they’re working with their first laptop. It can help to get them something simple and easy to use. Netbooks often have this sort of quality, for example. Netbooks like the Chromebook series will only work in Google Chrome, and that’s all there is to the laptop pretty much. You can only work in the browser, so everything is done there. Having a lot of extra stuff to mess around with will just give your children more things to have trouble using. Another option is to give them something with a simple and fun interface like a laptop/tablet hybrid. That way they can still use every day laptop functions that you’re used to, while at the same time having the tablet touch interface that is often easier and more intuitive.


The Internet can be a fantastically dangerous place, especially for children. It’s a good idea to have some control for monitoring what children do. Some PCs have better controls for this than others, after all. It can help to take a look at what parental controls laptops come with, and what controls are easy to add to them. Hybrids might have more trouble with this than more straight up laptops, for example.

Examples of controls that can help with monitoring children’s behavior include key loggers, which give you a record of everything they type. Some packages have desktop recording software to give you videos showing what they are doing on the desktop. This may be necessary for younger children to make sure that they aren’t talking to dangerous people online.

The internet is full of stories of children who ended up talking to a dangerous person through a chat room because no one was properly monitoring them and then they ended up meeting that person somewhere and having bad things happen as a result.

Overall, finding laptops specifically for children is a good idea since it will help keep them safe while at the same time protecting them from material that they aren’t ready for yet.