Which MacBook Should You Buy?

Picking the Right Apple

My hands were clammy with excitement one July day a little more than a decade ago as I obsessively refreshed the FedEx website to watch a very special shipment make its way from Suzhou in China’s Jiangsu province to my home in Oregon, where I was eagerly awaiting the arrival of perhaps the most exciting graduation gift a college-bound kid at the time could hope for: a shiny white first-generation MacBook with an Intel Core Duo processor and 1GB of memory.

A lot has changed since those anticipatory days I waited for my package to arrive. Aside from the obvious fact that the $1,289 worth of graduation money I spent on my Core Duo MacBook will get you far better components today, the sheer amount of choice in the Apple laptop line today would have boggled my high school brain. Of course, that choice pales when compared with what’s available to Windows laptop shoppers, but if you have your heart set on a Mac, you’ll almost certainly find a machine to fit your needs. Here’s what to look forward to, as well as some pitfalls to avoid.

A Iconic Design That Spawned Many a Clone

There are vast differences between the first MacBook (the one I bought soon after it went on sale in 2006) and the one currently for sale. Apple stopped selling the MacBook for several years while it completely revamped the design, and the result is stunning. Reintroduced in 2016 in its current form, the MacBook